European Institute of Social Impact (ESI) in collaboration with Cultural Society Contemporary  Balkania, based in Athens, Greece, organised the book launch „Migrația – Fragmente de analiză socio-politică și autobiografii sociale”, authored by Tiberiu Costăchescu, Delia Ștefenel, Marc Chesnel, Jos Gisberts and Frans Grommen. 

The event took place on 2nd of April, 2022, being generously hosted by the Association „Redescoperă România” from Athens, Greece. 

Book presentation done by Monica Săvulescu Voudouri  

The guests of the evening: STUDIOUL DE TEATRU PROFESIONIST DIN DIASPORA, “EXISTĂ NERVI” by Marin Sorescu.  Actors: Vangelis Doukoutselis, Ioannis Makropoulos, Kostas Polinakis, Mariana Ionita, Emmanuela Ene, Gabriela Apostol, Tudor Sprincean.