Our mission and impact

European Social Impact Institute  approaches a new holistic way of being and responding to global and local needs. We search for smart solutions that might impact people’s lives, for good. Our social mission is doing good, which makes us feel well. We focus on a people-oriented autonomy development approach, by always placing the person first. 

Our story might be your story. ESI (Εσύ in Greek means You – pronoun, 2nd person singular). We believe that you, whoever are you, may contribute with strength, vision and skills to make the world better go round. We believe in the core idea of people-centred environment via togetherness, inclusiveness, engagement and feasibility. 

Our value proposition is to promote sustainability, development, through commitment, expertise, healthy values and fair treatment. We plan to take action in social innovation, incubation, co-creation, capacity building and impact generation.