STOP Covid-19

STOP CORONAVIRUS - an awareness campaign initiated by The European Social Impact Institute (ESI), with the support of


, Biomin Acțiune Socială and



European Social Impact Institute

(ESI) has just launched last week an awareness campaign, which is the joint effort of like-minded and like-hearted people, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, in villages around Sibiu, Romania.

The accountability message reached disadvantaged communities in the villages of Rusciori, Nou, Cașolț, Țichindeal, Merghindeal, by means of paper bags, printed with general preventive messages (keep safe distancing, wash hands and wear masks). Inside the bags there were two cloth masks, and natural handmade soaps.
We would like to express our gratitude to all those who mobilized their forces and resources , to support such initiative, under the social mission “Doing well by doing good”. We are very thankful to:
Simona Marți, the person always caring for betting others’ lives and to all volunteers of Biomin Acțiune Socială;

, represented by Mihai Balaban, a businessman actively involved in amazing good deeds projects, and by Andrei Gheorghiu, a man made to reach the job well done;


, represented by Loredana Luthelo Kaschovits a do-gooder who makes you feel good about yourself.

Stop Covid-19
December, 2020
Awareness Campaign
Awareness Campaign

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